Clean - Sanitize - Restore.

Unlock Q-Shield’s breakthrough tile and grout restoration technology. Our exclusive high performance solution avoids costly tile and grout replacement projects by cleaning, sanitizing and restoring old tile and grout to achieve a vibrant and new appearance.

Cost Effective

Avoid replacement of your old tile and grout, saving time and money.

Leading Technology

Advanced application process that surpasses the competition to restore your tile and grout.

Eco Friendly

Bio-degradable materials with no harmful ingredients or solvents offers an earth friendly alternative.

The Q-Shield Process

Attention to Detail

Our expert team is extensively trained and certified in the Q-Shield process to ensure the complete restoration of your tile and grout.  The process is managed from start to finish, carefully focused on every detail in order to give you a permanent, sanitary solution for years to come.

How does the Q-Shield process work?

  • Our teams thoroughly clean and scrub the surface of the tiles to remove surface dirt and perform a deep cleaning technique to remove all of the ground-in substances.
  • Surfaces are meticulously etch grout to remove any remaining dirt, germs and odors
  • Apply Q-Shield to restore and seal the tile and grout, making it look like new, and protect from future wear and discoloration.
  • Training is provided to teach staff how to care for the restored surfaces after our work is done.